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 Super Lemon Haze

THC Maximum: tbd
THCA: tbd
THC: tbd
CBD Maximum: tbd
CBDA: tbd
CBD: tbd
Linalool: tbd
B-Myrcene: tbd
a-Pinene: tbd
D-Limonene: tbd
B-Caryophyllene: tbd

 Delta-9 Cannabis.

Reputably, this strain has a very “earthy” flavor to it, with powerful lemon/citrus taste.




Stress Relief



Dry Mouth

Dry Eyes

Anxious/ Paranoid

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BUY Supper Lemon Haze (from Delta 9 Cannabis) is an appropriate name, considering its effects. This highly potent strain is 21.2% THC with less than 1% CBD. It is a powerfully psychoactive strain, making it the perfect choice for nighttime relief. For safety reasons, users should avoid buy Super Lemon Haze during daylight hours if they plan to drive, operate machinery or do anything else that requires full awareness.

Chemical Formula of Product:

21.2% THC + 1% CBD

Benefits of product:

Patients experience it as a powerful mood enhancer that provides energy, improves appetite and promotes relaxation.
Super Lemon Haze is known to be an antidepressant, analgesic, relaxant and appetite stimulant.


The main terpenes are:
• Myrcene – A fragrant terpene responsible for giving the product an herb-like scent.
• A/B Pinene – Terpene responsible for adding a pine-like aroma to cannabis (and other plants). Also acts as an anti-inflammatory, bronchiodialator, memory aid and neural
stimulant (improves alertness).
• Terpinolene – A terpene that generates a floral, pine-like or citrusy aroma with anti-cancer, antioxidant, antibacterial, sedative and antifungal properties.

Additional Ingredients:

Delta-9 Cannabis uses a proprietary hydroponic grow pod system, which guarantees consistently excellent quality.
• Pesticide-free
• No yeast or fungus
• Free of harmful bacteria
• No heavy metals or toxins

Side effects of product ‎

Some patients report negative side effects when using Super Lemon Haze:
• Dry eyes
• Dry mouth
• Anxiety
• Dizziness
• Paranoia

Source of product: Lemon Skunk + Super Silver Haze
Product History:

Marijuana first appeared on the world stage in China over 8,000 years ago. Initially used and consumed strictly for its seeds, it was applied medicinally about 3,000 years later – again in China. It reached Europe in 430 B.C.E. as both a medicine and for industrial reasons (hemp).
Super Lemon Haze is a sativa-based hybrid, crossed between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze.


Super Lemon Haze is available by prescription through Delta-9 Cannabis. Founded in 2012, the company has been selling and distributing medical cannabis since 2013 and 2014 respectively.
Delta-9 Cannabis operates from a single, 80,000 square foot facility, where it currently houses 28 proprietary hydroponic “grow pods”. They intend to expand that to 600 in the near future, which will increase their output from 1,000kg per year to 17,000kg per year.

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