Sugar Breathe

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A cross of the famous Do-Si-Dos and OGKB, Sugar Breath has beautiful dense buds coated in trichomes. The aroma is a sweet, gassy blend that also includes notes of pine, incense, vanilla, and cinnamon. The potent high may provide a relaxing evening of laughter and snacks. What strain is sugar Breath Is Sugar Breath an indica or sativa What is Gorilla Breath What strain is God’s Breath Is Skywalker a good strain What strain is the truth What strain is jealousy What is peanut butter breath strain What strain is divorce cake What is stank breath strain What is cookie jar strain What strain is LA Kush Cake Is Skywalker OG top shelf What strain is runtz What strain is Gorilla Glue Is Grape gas indica or Sativa What is jet fuel OG What strain is God’s gift What strain is Obama runtz What strain is the soap What strain is Elmer’s Glue What strains make Gushers What strain is gorilla snacks What is Hindu Skunk Is peanut butter breath sativa
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Flowering Time 60-65 days
Seed Breeder Humboldt Seed Organization
Pack Size 3/5/10 seeds
Yield Indoors: 400-600 g/m2
Outdoors: 2.5-3.5 kg/plant




Sugar Breathe is a cross between Do-Si-Dos x OGKB, both descendants of the mythical Girl Scout Cookies. This variety develops a height of up to 3-4m producing numerous lateral branches and creating a dense and leafy appearance.

Sugar Breath, an hybrid cross between Do-Si-Dos and OGKB with 26% of THC
When cultivated indoors, Sugar Breath needs a longer vegetative growth period in order to enhance branch development thus improving harvest. It is advisable apply apical pruning when cultivated using SCROG technique as this variety grows compactly.

It will mature after about 60-65 days of flowering with a yield of up to 600g per m2 in an indoor grow tent and up to 3000g per plant cultivated outdoors in the ground.

A harvest composed of hard, large and compact buds that produce so much resin that it floods and covers the nearby leaves splashing them with bright white colours which contrast with their dark green, purple and bluish tones. The plant acquires a really beautiful and appetising appearance.

Sugar Breath tastes like fuel, sweet grape, vanilla, cinnamon, incense and pine
Its aroma is a combination of fuel nuances with sweet grape touches and pine, incense, cinnamon and vanilla notes which inebriates your palate in every smoke especially if you inhale it in a cannabis vaporiser.

Its concentration of up to 26% THC produces a very powerful effect which will leave you a coach potato, relaxing you deeply while your mind is in another ‎.

This variety is recommended for therapeutic cannabis users to combat pain and insomnia. It is not recommended for inexperienced users with low tolerance, who may easily feel overwhelmed.

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