Purple Haze

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Medical Benefits of Purple Haze

Though this herb is an old school party strain, medical marijuana patients also have reason to love this Sativa.

Those with chronic stress, depression, and lack of appetite tend to find relief with this blissful flower.
This strain also provides quality daytime pain relief, especially for those with mild to moderate pain levels.
This cannabis strain is also a beloved choice for headaches, migraine, and chronic fatigue. Is Purple Haze an indica or a sativa What are the effects of Purple Haze Is Purple Haze good for beginners What is the strongest strain of Haze Why is it called Purple Haze Is Purple Haze dense Is Purple Haze illegal Is Purple Haze a good strain How long does Purple Haze stay in your system Is Purple Haze an Autoflower What terpenes are in Purple Haze Is Purple Haze hard to grow What strain keeps you high the longest Is Kush better than Haze What is the strongest indica strain in the world Why was Purple Haze popular When did Purple Haze strain come out What did Jimi Hendrix listen to What is the strongest purple strain Can you still buy Purple Haze
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Is Haze stronger than Kush What makes a strain a Haze What is Haze genetics Is Purple Haze psychedelic What are the strongest sativa strains Is Haze a sativa Is Purple Haze purple What does haze look like Is Kush an indica or sativa What did Jimi Hendrix listen to
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Purple Haze If you have ever heard of Jimi Hendrix, then you definitely have heard of Purple Haze. Popularized by Jimi Hendrix and his psychedelic music, the strain delivers a rush of euphoria that hits heavy in the mind. This strain is a heady sativa with cerebral effects. favourite for anyone seeking a high energy cerebral stimulation that brings for a burst of creativity and bliss. With it’s lineage coming from Thai and Haze, it takes a mix of the sweet and earthy tastes that are accented with hints of berry and spice.

Up to 18-20% THC

Flavours: Sweet, Earthy, Berry

Effects: Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted, Relaxed, Creative

Medical: Stress, Depression, Headaches, Pain, Fatigue.

Purple Haze Experience

Hendrix fans are in for a treat. This trippy Sativa marijuana strain is known for providing a strong, cerebral high. Users often report a near-psychedelic experience from this strain. Famous for its tasty smoke and foggy yet blissful mental experience this strain offers energy and relaxation in equal doses. If you’ve been seeking a flower that will expand your consciousness, this marijuana strain is fit for the job.

High-energy and euphoric, this weed is safe for the daytime. However, consuming too much will likely make you foggy and unfocused. Get the most out of this herb by putting on some good music and sharing with friends.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

Purples Haze Oil Pens are available from select brands, including Liquid Gold and CBD Vapor.

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