Green Crack

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Also known as “Green Cush”, this Sharply invigorating Sativa will motivate you with a mental buzz that keeps you focused and alert. Skunk #1 was crossed with Afghani Indicas to give rise to this heavy-yielding plant with small tight green buds. Very popular choice for Sativa-lovers! Is Green crack strain good Is Green Crack 100% sativa Why is green crack so good What percentage is green crack strain Is green Crack euphoric Is green Crack exotic Can you sleep on green Crack Is green Crack sativa or indica dominant Is green Crack CBD Does green Crack have Thcv How much does green Crack yield Did Snoop Dogg name green crack strain What is green crack drug Is green Crack autoflowering Does green Crack have seeds What are the best sativa strains Does sativa make you laugh How much CBD is in Green crack strain Is Blue Dream CBD What strain is Gorilla Glue How do you top green crack What strain is runtz What does indica do to you How long does Green Crack take to harvest What strain keeps you high the longest What is the best strain ever What is the strongest indica What should a beginner buy at a dispensary How big do green crack plants get What do stoners like to buy How do you pick a strain Why are stoners chill What should I get my pothead friend How do you know if a stoner likes you Is it good to date a stoner Is being a stoner a personality trait What is a stoner girl Why is sativa so hard to find What is the best sativa strain in the world

Flowering Time: 7-9 Weeks
THC Content: 17-25%
Mild earthy flavor with a touch of Mango and pungent skunk

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Green Crack is a highly energetic pure sativa strain that was originally created as an experimental project using Skunk #1. Breeders crossed several phenotypes of Skunk #1 together, until they found the one they deemed perfect. Although the name may indicate a negative connotation, it was a namesake that was blessed upon by popular Los Angeles rapper Snoop Dogg, for its’ highly energetic and euphoric high. Smoking Green Crack induces users into the definition of what a sativa high is like, providing an energetic and focused buzz like no other. With THC levels that are frequently found around 20%, this sativa makes for a great day-time smoke with little to no burnout.

Green Crack is marked by its’ exhilarating and euphoric high, great for users looking to treat depression, fatigue and stress. The engaged effects of this strain also make it perfect for day-time usage, although it can also be recommended for those looking to uplift themselves in the evening. As a pure sativa strain, Green Crack provides users with a highly energetic and cerebral buzz that spurs creativity, making it a superb all-around strain and ideal option for social settings, or for getting work done!

Appearance & Aroma
This strain is defined by its iconic bright green and extremely dense nugs, along with the mellow orange coloured pistils. Upon inspection, users will notice the impressive amount of trichomes covering the plant all the way down to the stem. Some phenotypes of Green Crack are known to have slightly purple hues and leaves, a trait that may be linked to this sativa’s Afghani lineage. Although there are many variants of Green Crack, true phenotypes are known for retaining an earthier aroma and tart, citrus flavour profile. The nose of Green Crack is more precisely defined by its’ herbal, peppery undertones and contrasting notes of zesty lemon rinds. Users with experience in differentiating terpene profiles will be delighted to note the concentration of Myrcene, Bera Caryophyllene and Limonene terpenes that perfectly sum up this strain’s unique scent and taste.

Dominant Origins:

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Parents of Green Crack:

Afghani Sativa X Skunk

Medicinal Application:

This cannabis strain is perfect for treating depression, stress, fatigue, pain, and lack of appetite. This is the perfect daytime strain to provide you energy and get you through the day. Green crack induces an invigorating clear headed focused mental buzz.


Fruity, Mango, Earthy


Citrus, Earthy, Tropical


Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Anxiety, Paranoia, Headaches (Typical of High THC Sativa Strains )

CBD Range:

3.5-7% (MODERATE)

THC Range:

17-25% THC

Physical Characteristics:

Greens Crack produces tight dense buds covered in bright orange hairs. The entire plant structure is covered in crystals. This is a tall plant, typical of sativa dominant strains.


Easy to Grow

60-80” Tall

1-3 OZ/Ft2


7-9 Week Flowering Time

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