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Bred by Mr. Nice Seeds, Devil is a cross of an old Afghan strain and Afghan Skunk. Devil is a potent beast with big, juicy nugs exploding off the stalks with stark white trichomes that exude a thick skunky, earthy, and piney aroma. With just a few puffs you can expect to be taken into a deep state of relaxation with a long-lasting, sedative high.

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This plant has been in circulation amongst growers and smoke circles since the 80’s. Magical psychedelic journeys guided by Afghani and Skunk genetics is what the Devil is all about. Devil came about after an Afghani strain was mixed together with an Afghani/Skunk hybrid. The rich fruity flavors of this strain are somehow dialectical to the name it carries. If one wishes to live deliciously, the Devil abides.

The astounding red colors covering the leaves and buds can be experienced with some Devil phenotypes. Devil develops medium-sized yields amounting to 450-550g/m² in indoor settings. Outdoor cannabis gardeners receive more abundant amounts. The estimated flowering time lasts around 8 weeks, however, breeders claim that it might take slightly longer to perfect the quality of the Devil.

When you tear into a pipe of the Devil cannabis strain, you enter into a trippy world where boundaries change. Her deep-red Afghani taste and buzz will bring your mind and body into harmonic convergence. Just let her do the work and remain open to her abilities to take you where you need to go. She flowers fast in the indoor cannabis garden; taking just 45 days in some cases where environmental conditions are kept consistently optimized. In other cases, she’ll still be ready within 55 days. Because of her natural resilience, and her innate resistance to pest, she makes a fine choice for growers who are just getting started in the amazingly cool realm of medicinal cannabis cultivation.

The Devil strain of marijuana is a solid all-around choice for a really good cannabis strain to work with. Her medicine is powerful. She grows extra fast. She yields heavy with beautiful quality – and she tastes exotically delicious. Plan a meeting with the Devil soon…

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