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DELTA-8 SUNSET SHERBERT – 900MG a mouthwatering orange-pineapple flavor, Sunset Sherbert is a sweet summer treat that we’ve transformed into a delicious vape flavor. Now you don’t have to wait for a hot day to bust out some tasty sherbert. Holly weed’s Delta-8 THC Sunset Sherbert vape cart will coat your taste buds with tangy sweetness as the powerful effects send your body and head into the clouds. Sunset Sherbert is a strain that is felt more in the head than the body, so we highly recommend pairing your vape session with your favorite movie, music, or people. Any time of day or night can be elevated with this wonderfully fruity vape cartridge!**All Delta-8 THC Vapes need to be used with a 510-thread battery. We highly recommend one of our industry-leading batteries by CCELL or Hamilton Devices**


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