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DELTA-8 VAPE CARTRIDGE – MANGO – 900MG, Mango is an Indica strain created by crossing Afghani with KC 33. This strain produces uplifting and euphoric effects that are certain to improve your mood. Because the effects come on slowly, Mango is sometimes referred to as a “creeper strain.” This strain tastes and smells like a bright, juicy mango. Growers often report that Mango grows in large buds roughly the size of a softball and can take up to 11 weeks to flower.

This particular strain may initially develop slowly but will likely surprise with its substantially strong effects. In terms of their physical attributes, Mango plants tend to grow into large plants whose size is quite impressive in terms of length and height. Mango is a relatively large strain, especially for its flavor and more relishing treats for patients’ tickling taste buds. This strain comes in shades of green and yellow, creating the fragrant scent of sweet Mango in whatever space it’s placed in. Once it is nearing harvest time, you may see huge buds with shades of violet and red on the leaves. Mango is mostly recommended for patients experiencing persistent discomfort and/or sleeplessness.

Flavor: Mango
Lab-tested by a 3rd party
Full spectrum hemp oil
100% all-natural ingredients
No MCT, PG, VG, or PEG oil
Organic & non-GMO
No additives or preservatives
Naturally flavored
900mg total Delta-8 THC


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