Amnesia Haze

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History and Origin of Amnesia Haze Marijuana Strain

The Amnesia Haze came from different and dynamic genetic lines and history. That is why in the marijuana world, it considered as a technically ultra cannabis hybrid. With all those different genetics combined together, this only shows that accurate care and proper handling were well-observed by the scientists at Soma Seeds in order to create this joy-bringing and the good-vibe giver.

Amnesia Haze was called with so many names because of the different strains that are made of. It is also called as the Jamaican Sativa because of the strain it came from, Jamaica, and it is also referred to as South Asian Indica, Hawaiian Sativa, Thai Sativa, Afghani Indica, Cambodia Sativa and Haze Sativa. Looking at it closely, the strains are mainly from landrace strains which is why this plant is so clean and natural. It can bring pure high with fewer side effects compared to other strains of Sativa. Is amnesia Haze a top shelf Is amnesia and Haze the same What is the strongest Haze Does Haze get you high What is Amnesia Haze good for How do you grow amnesia Haze outside Does amnesia Haze make you sleepy Is amnesia Haze a sativa or indica What strains are good for anxiety and stress What is better Kush or Haze
Who invented amnesia Haze Is amnesia Haze hard to grow Why is it called Haze Is Haze a strong strain Is Haze a Skunk Is amnesia Haze good for partie How long does it take to grow amnesia Haze Autoflower How do you grow a big bud strain How long does amnesia lemon take to grow What does amnesia Haze taste like What does indica do to you Is amnesia a good strain What’s the best sativa strain What strains are good for PTSD What strain has the highest CBD Is indica an upper or downer What strain is similar to Blue Dream Is Kush the same as skunk Who bred amnesia Haze
Who are the Haze brothers How is amnesia Haze made When should I stop watering before harvesting How do you grow Haze
Which indica strain is best What’s the difference between Kush and haze Who invented haze How many strains of Haze are there What is the best diesel strain What strains are Skunk What is the best Kush strain How tall does amnesia Haze auto grow Is Gorilla Glue an Autoflower Is Bruce Banner a Autoflower Do bigger pots mean bigger buds Why are my buds so small How do you get big colas
What strain is Amnesia Lemo Can indica cause panic attacks How long do you stay high indica Is indica vs sativa real How strong is amnesia Is amnesia and Haze the same What strain keeps you high the longest What is the strongest indica strain in the world What is the best indica strain 2021 Does amnesia Haze make you sleepy Is Haze an indica or sativa What strains are good for anxiety and stress What gets u more high indica or sativa Why does sativa make tired Does sativa make you laugh Does taking a shower take away your high What is a body high like What happens when you sleep high What does amnesia Haze smell like How strong is lemon amnesia What is the strongest Haze What are the strongest sativa strains Is amnesia Haze easy to grow




Amnesia Haze is one of the most popular in the history of marijuana and the name is almost as popular around the world as other great Dutch as White Widow and Neville’s Haze. There is no doubt that this plant is potent, highly productive and a must have in most dispensaries and clinics. It has an award-winning history and a future that is closely tied to the ruderalis strain and likely more Cannabis Cup Awards heading its way.

A lot can be said about the Amnesia strain, as there are many traits that help make this strain so popular. First, though the potency has to be considered. This strain earns its name. With more than 20% THC by mass in many of the plants (numbers vary between growing conditions) people have reported blacking out when smoking too much of this plant. Like a craft beer, this plant has a stronger effect that goes hand in hand with a wonderfully sweet and fruity aroma of this Sativa-dominated strain. Sometimes, 90% of Amnesia strains are Sativa and only 10% Indica.

The detailed and expert breeding methods utilized on the processing of creating Amnesia Haze was the reason that this new strain garnered the 1st place of the Cannabis Cup in 2004, and also in 2012, another 1st place award was given by the Sativa Cup. The Amnesia Haze is usually readily available in coffee shops in the vicinity of the infamous place of Amsterdam, where it amassed a great number of avid fans and has been an all-time cannabis strain favorite.

Effects of Amnesia Marijuana Strain

The effects are difficult to evaluate, but they are still powerful. The user experience plays a substantial part. The beginner of marijuana could experience his first green out with this powerful cannabis strain. Easily excessive because it is very soft and very tasty.

The experienced Sativa fan will be thrilled with the creative stimulus and exceptional approach that this almost psychedelic tension brings. The Great Outdoors calls, where everything is bright and the air is effervescent. Of course, just going to the couch with songs and friends and enjoying the journey of the mental mind is an excellent way to spend the afternoon. Or dare to dab and deep dream.

Sometimes it can be chimerical, taking fifteen minutes to really work its neurological magic. You can find yourself a moment by taking control and asking yourself what the problem is. Then, the next moment, like a wounded amnesiac, you wonder how the hell you got where you are. Shaking your head with a brain like a sieve and laughing with shy amazement.

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